Surfing or fishing trip west coast of Bali by traditional boat...


We offer half day Surfing or Fishing trip in the morning or west coast of Bali..

Surf Trip from Seseh Becah by Boat..

We offer surf trip by boat from Seseh beach-Canggu Bali to Uluwatu surf spot Impossible - Padang padang - Bigin- Dream land - Balangan - Toro toro - Airport reef - Middle reef - Kuta reef.

Uluwatu Surf Spot

Most famous of all breaks, Uluwatu consists of a few spots working at different tides and swells. Mostly for experience surfer. When its small even less experienced surfers can have a nab, as long as your comfortable with a crowd and don’t drop in! When it’s big it’s better left to the regulars! Most consistent wave is to the left of Ulu’s cave, ideal at mid to high tide. Tend to close out at low tide. Further out to the right of the cave is a fast long wave best surfed at mid to low tide. Fun wave that can produce a tube at the end section. Ideal at mid to low tide. Works with a good solid swell at lower tides, but expect double overhead of solid wall or more, only for the very experienced! Get your gun.

Padang Padang Surf Spot

World class.  Most days pretty tame and surf-able for less experienced surfers at mid to high tide as long as you pull out before the inside section.  But appearance can deceive. A solid swell can turn it to Bali’s “Pipeline”! Super fast, very hollow, powerful, very shallow and razor sharp reef towards the inside section. Hold up to above 12ft.  Best left to the Pro’s.

Impossible Surf Spot

Surf able at all tides. Sections off during small swell. When the swell is good, it can produce long, fast, hollow and powerful solid wall. Best left to the Pro’s. Impossibles does not get very crowded, because it is such a long stretch of reef there are a few different take off spots. This wave when lining up good can be a very long and fast wave, usually when wave height gets above 5ft and the tide is mid range you can expect some very long waves.

Bingin Surf Spot

Best at mid – low tide, waves are hollow, fast and provide consistent short left hand barrels. Though the shallow reef can be unforgiving at dead low tide.  Only problem, always busy with small take off spot! Suitable for experienced surfers.

Dream Land Surf Spot

A brake with longer left and a short right hander. Surf able at low to dead low tide and works well when there is an average swell above 3ft coming. When the swell is over 7ft, the waves tends to be unpredictable and closes out.  Soft, fat waves and deep water make it suitable for those with some learning experience behind their back. Only down side, the place can get very busy.  One consolation the beach is beautiful, so are the views!

Balangan Surf Spot

Good long lefts during mid tide, needs a proper swell to work. At lower tide waves can be fast and hollow. The brake is very sensitive to wind and can get messy.

Airport Reef Surf Spot

Located beside of I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport’s runaway (Denpasar Airport). This surfing point is World-class wave. Best surfed mid to high.  Mouth watering right hander’s, fast, hollow and loads of power, end section gets really shallow, beware the sharp reef, also loads of sea urcins!!. . Only suitable for experienced surfers. one of the famous surfing points in the island of god with specific character of wave that give more challenges to the surfers to enjoy the surfing adventures here. This surfing point is situated in the middle of sea and far enough from the sea shore and force the surfers to use the traditional boat to reach this surfing spots. This place provides two surfing spots where the waves are great and powerful that are perfect for surfing activities.

  • Price: USD 65 per person

  • Duration: 6  hours one surf session

  • Discount for the group

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Fishing Trip (Morning or Afternoon)


Within a true Balinese fishing experience, our boat with 15 HP and 25 HP Yamaha engine. This beauty can reach speeds of up to 20 knots these days, fitted with a cooler, you’ll be able to keep your catch fresh before splitting it with the crew at the end of the day.

While out on the water, you’ll experience fishing like never before. Majestic, monstrous, and simply beautiful, you’ll be left stunned at the mere sight of some of these beasts. Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Amberjacks, and Bigeye and Silver Trevallies are just some of the delightful species you’ll be targeting. Try trolling the open seas or bottom fishing the reefs, before using all your strength to try and hook such a monster aboard.

Let's explore Bali traditional fishing with our local knowledge.

Captain Wayan Sudita will take you out for fishing to find the right spot..

Name of Fish

Boat capacity maximum 3 persons per boat..

What's including

  • Fishing Gear (trolling, jigging, coral fishing)
  • Mineral water
  • BBQ on Request our place..

What doesn't including

  • Trip and Fishing gear insurance (please asking your travel insurance)
  • Foods or snacks


  • 1 person 65 USD
  • 3 persons 50 USD per person


  • 4 hours to 5 hours per trip.. Morning or Afternoon

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