Welcome To Bali Private Surf Coaches

Is your surfing coaches and surf guide who provides surfing activities in the island of Bali and even be more than a surf instructor and surf coach, we will helping you to improve your surfing ability and also confidence.

Bali Surf Coaches is created by Balinese professional local surfer, Sadia I Ketut, and Alit Nala Kerisna with big talent, strong spirits and professional to give friendly services for you in every your request. We are the people come from hard worker and experienced. We are proud to serve you and arrange all your needs during your surf holidays in the paradise island of Bali. With over more than 15 years experience as a surfing tours guide and coaching, we can pick you up from anywhere on the island. With our intimate knowledge, we can organize special packages and itineraries based on your particular interests and needs. We are very flexible and extremely punctual.

Why with Us

  • If you take the lessons with a personal surf instructor: You get more intensive surf practice and progress through the skills at a much faster rate you’re learning are specifically designed to meet your needs depending on your experience, ability level and wishes. You and your instructor become friends, you have a good time in the ocean and also on the beach. sometime we not just share about surfing, We are more then welcome to share our culture Bali Island
  • If you learn to surf in a group of students (surf school) usually it’s 6 to 10 persons and more your guide is not able to look after you every time you take a wave. You have to wait for his help and tips wasting a lot of time not surfing. Often you try to catch a wave by your own, choosing a wrong position and getting wipeout

Your day just begin and whenever you decide…….Let’s Go Surfing Book Your surf Class with us Balinese Local Knowledge